Juliana Lawerance

Tamaki Health

Juliana Lawerance joined Tamaki Health in 2020 when she trained as a Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP).

Her experiences are in AOD & Trauma (DAPAANZ), Clinical Supervision and Group facilitation. She has worked in AOD, prison and Kaupapa Māori settings, and has delivered countless in-service trainings, seminars and groups over the years.

In August 2021 Juliana was seconded to Tu Whakaruruhau – Auckland Wellbeing Collaborative as a Clinical Implementation Lead supporting the implementation of the IPMHA services throughout Auckland.

In October 2022, she was appointed as the Clinical Lead for the Health Coach training team, where she works collaboratively with HCs delivering value to patients. Her work as a HIP started off in a high needs clinic which brought a lot of awareness of the most vulnerable patient needs, which has moulded her practice today.