Kirsten Rose

ReCalibrate NZ

Kirsten is an experienced Physiotherapist and Health Coach who works with clients in leadership roles to maximise their personal and professional performance without sacrificing their health in the process. She has extensive training and experience in lifestyle medicine, biopsychosocial models of health and behaviour change, with a special interest in the role of exercise in optimising both mental and physical fitness.

Over her career Kirsten has worked with people from all walks of life with a wide range of health-related concerns, from chronic pain sufferers and cancer survivors through to elite

athletes and military personnel. From this experience she’s seen first hand how the foundations of our health and the pillars of performance differ by degree, not kind. She firmly believes that strategies required for wellbeing and sustainable high performance are actually simple, but the modern world makes them seem complex and difficult to implement.

Kirsten integrates her expertise with the advanced analytics of Firstbeat Life to deliver a holistic, interpersonal approach to health coaching. Kirsten believes that harnessing the benefits of  technology can enhance the impact of health coaching. Specifically, being able to marry the objective data with enhanced self-awareness skills improves the recognition and implementation of more optimal health behaviours.

Kirsten works as Health Coach in her own business Evexia Health & Performance as well as under the ReCalibrate NZ team. She is a Lead Coach on the PREKURE Faculty, teaching on their Health Coach programme. She also still works as Physiotherapist, primarily providing Cancer Rehabilitation.