Ree George

ReCalibrate NZ

Ree George is a dedicated health and mental fitness coach who has successfully established a thriving health coaching business specializing in corporate wellbeing (ReCalibrate NZ). Combining cutting-edge wearable health technology (Firstbeat Life) with a strong emphasis on human connection, Ree and her team of expert health, mental health and metabolic health coaches provide personalized and impactful wellness programs to businesses seeking to enhance the health and productivity of their employees.

With a clinical background in Physiotherapy, Ree integrates her expertise with the advanced analytics of Firstbeat Life to deliver a holistic, interpersonal approach to health coaching. Ree believes that technology is well placed to complement & enhance human health coaches, and that being able to ‘see’ the data in conjunction with ‘feeling’ the experience within the body helps both build self-awareness in her clients, and a recognition of the impact their choices are making on their health behaviours.

Dedicated to continuous learning, and staying at the forefront of the latest advancements in health technology, Ree and her team at ReCalibrate NZ ensure that their clients receive the most effective and innovative health coaching available. This holistic approach empowers their clients to achieve individual & sustainable health & wellbeing goals, whilst reinforcing the vital importance of human connection in the age of digital health.

Ree also has a successful private mental health coaching practice specialising in mental fitness and connections, and is the Lead Coach on the PREKURE Mental Health Coach Faculty.